Today my dream has become a reality! If you follow me on my social channels you  know that I love to cook and eat. Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was a child. From mixing flavors to creating my own spice rubs and blends. 

Growing up in Chicago I learned how to cook by watching my mom and step dad. I picked up how to make other cuisines and ethnic foods from friends and family throughout my life. I never went to school for cooking, I'm a home cook and I like it that way. I cook from the heart, I cook with passion and I cook because I love the therapeutic feeling it gives me. Its like my meditation. I care about what I put in my body and I care about what others do too. Thats why I always try to choose only the best ingredients.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Today I'd like to announce the release of my NEW line of NADC Spice Rubs! I'm so excited to have these available to all! These are my go to signature spice rubs that I use everyday for food and meal prep. Each one of my rubs has about 4+ different spices and herbs in them. They are specifically measured to my exact recipes that I use for meal prep. You get all the flavor in one bottle so no need for any additional spices. Meal prep doesn't need to be bland and boring ever again!

I spent some time developing my spice rubs making sure they were perfect before I released them to the public. I made sure to keep the labels nice and clean, with no added BS, no chemicals, No MSG, NON-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, and vegan friendly. This is a product I'am extremely proud of and I hope you all get a chance to try them all out. Make sure to tag @nadcofficial and show us what you make!