Our first pop up! NADC X Heim BBQ in Fort Worth, Tx!

It's been one week since doing my first pop up ever and it still amazes me how awesome it was! Jess suggested we do a pop up in Fort Worth, Tx (her hometown) after I told her how much I loved Heim BBQ after trying it on the Deathwish tour. 

Funny thing is I had seen Heim BBQ on a food show and they mentioned their bacon burnt ends, little did I know I would be trying them the next month! Everything from the brisket to the loaded potato skins will blow your mind. Not to mention the Texas hospitality that just makes you feel right at home!

Travis & Emma Heim know what they're doing at Heim BBQ! They showed off our spice rubs with some delicious appetizers:

  • Fried avocado tacos using OG VEGGIE,
  • Pickle juice brined chicken wings using LEMON GARLIC PEPPER and SPICY CHICKEN
  • Brisket using OG STEAK 

Family, friends, and new friends stopped by to eat, shop, and have a good time! We even sold out of our rubs! Thank you to everyone that came out and I'm excited to do another pop up!